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“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” from the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner is the current situation of many consumers living in urban areas today who are increasingly looking toward bottled water as a means of meeting some or all of their daily requirements. While the term bottled water is widely used, the term packaged water is perhaps more accurate. Here this refers to the quality as such. We provide qualitative packaged water which is witnessed by our water treatment methods.


Treatment Methods:
Our treatment methods are based on the best quality of the products at its end stage.


This includes the following process

Reverse Osmosis




Ultra Violet radiation



Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most economical method of removing 90% to 99% of all contaminants. It is highly effective in removing several impurities from water such as total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, asbestos, lead and other toxic heavy metals, radium, and many dissolved organics. The process will also remove chlorinated pesticides and most heavier-weight VOCs. In addition, Reverse osmosis treatment is an insurance policy against nuclear radiation such as radioactive plutonium or strontium in the drinking water. If one lives near a nuclear power plant, this is a key way to ensure the household is drinking the best water for their health.

Filtration: We use three types of filters namely Screen filters, Depth filters and Surface filters. This is the basic of micro porous filtration.

Ultraviolet radiation has widely been used as a germicidal treatment for water. Mercury low pressure lamps generating 254 nm UV light are an effective means of sanitizing water. The adsorption of UV light by the DNA and proteins in the microbial cell results in the inactivation of the microorganism.

Ozonation: One of the most important characteristics of ozone is its beneficial impact on the environment. In all applications to date, there have been no damaging effects to systems or the environment, nor have any toxic by-products been formed. Organic and inorganic impurities which penetrate our atmosphere are destroyed by ozone during this chemical reaction. Hence, ozone technology has proven itself to be the preferred technological method of water treatment for the future of our environment.

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